Our organization is dedicated to the development and manufacture of superior humic substances products. It is our opinion that veracity in the reporting of humic substance content is of extreme importance. Recognizing a gap in the methods to accurately assay for fulvic acid materials, the Humic Products Trade Association (HPTA) has developed a testing method for the determination of the hydrophobic fulvic acid fraction of humic substances products. This method has been approved by the American Association of Plant Food Chemist Officials (AAPFCO), and is awaiting approval by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and International Standards Organization (ISO) for international use.

We are pleased to recognize the HPTA method as the new standard for identifying the hydrophobic fulvic acid fraction of humic substances and look forward to its broader acceptance. Our products are proudly “HPTA Method Certified” as part of our commitment to product quality.

For more information on the HPTA method, please refer to the following links:

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