agricultural applications

  • Broadacre Field & Specialty Farming
  • Nurseries
  • Greenhouses
  • Lawns & Golf Courses
  • Urban & Home Gardens
  • Hydroponics, Aquaponics, & Aeroponics
  • Blends (Fertilizers, Hydroseeding Slurries, Packaged Soils, etc.)

benefits of humic/fulvic substances

  • Increases crop weights & yields
  • Promotes vital metabolic processes for improved performance across metrics of growth
  • Improves nutrient-use efficiency by increasing their bio-availability and facilitating their uptake and distribution throughout the plant
  • Strengthens drought and heat tolerances through enhancement to transpiration
  • Inhibits carbonation and alkali build-up by functioning as a pH buffer
  • Supports beneficial microbes critical in plant-microbial symbioses


Agricultural FULVIC

HYDROPONICs FULVIC (concentrate only)


What You Need To Know About Purchasing Fulvic Acid

Volume Based Pricing - Get Quote

Liquid Concentrate - Minimum Order Quantity 10 Litres

Powder - Minimum Order Quantity 1 Kilogram